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Rahul Korrapati 09 Oct, 2014 5 Tips to Promote your Brand on Instagram

Here are 5 Tips that could come in handy with making your brand an Insta-success. To illustrate them, we picked InkyPinky, a mobile accessories brand, that is doing quite well with grabbing eyeballs on Instagram.

1. Get The Shot Right: Make sure you click great shots of your product in various angles that not just enhance its features but make them larger-than-life. Remember, experiment is the key to get more quirky and creative pictures of your product, which will most definitely engage your customer’s interest to find out more.


2. Apply The Right Filter: The very USP of Instagram is its filters that make your photo look like a million bucks. Find out which filter works best for the product by trying to understand contrasts and their possible appeal with your intended audience. Keep a tab of which filter(s) gets more engagement and follow suit.


3. Upload with Relevant Hashtags: Instagram users look to explore hashtags for some good photo-finds. Use the advantage for your product’s brand promotion. Add relevant and related hashtags, fairly broad in topic, that will simply widen your visibility. For e.g. take a look at the post below…


4. Interact with your target audience: Research everything there is about your brand’s target demographics : where you could find them and what they love.Interact with them by liking and commenting on posts that are mutually relevant to you and them . There might be a good chance that they start following you after a few interactions.

IMG_0276 IMG_0275

5. Update Regularly: Its not how many you post or how often, but the quality of each one of them. As long as the pictures are quirky and interesting to your followers, you have no reason to worry. Keep interaction alive as long as you can, it will automatically bring more people to follow up.


We hope these tips will help you market your

product/service better on Instagram.

Happy clicking 🙂

Admin 13 Sep, 2013 Winner of ADEX Awards, Twice in a Row!

84ideas Racks ’em Up at ADEX 2012

The night of August 30 was triumphant for us at 84ideas, as we scaled a competitive field to win two prestigious industry awards in Digital Media category at ADEX 2012. Expert judges for The Advertising Club, Hyderabad awarded us the gold in Social Engagement for ‘Eega Movie’ Social Media Campaign and the silver for the for ‘The Birth Place’ in Website/Microsite category. This year’s success follows 84ideas consecutive wins in the Social Engagement and Website/Microsite categories for ADEX 2011.

With the Taj Deccan, Hyderabad, hosting the awards, the celebrations concluded with a delicious buffet dinner and a triumphant toast to our future success.


We did it again at ADEX 2012!

We did it again at ADEX 2012!


84ideas Team ADEX 2012 Awards Hyderabad

kalyan 26 Jun, 2013 Copy Writer


If you are bursting with ideas and the words that express them, drop by our studio.

84IDEAS is an award winning interactive agency based in Hyderabad. We work on remarkable online campaigns in web, social and mobile specializations. Over the last several years our brilliant team has done outstanding work for brands like Disney, Kalamandir, Southscope, Westin and many more.


  • 1-2 years ( in digital advertising / marketing)

Job Description  

  • Create copy & content for websites & campaings
  • create communication and content for social media

 Required Skills 

  • Polished writing & communication skills
  • Ability to create engaging and effective content
  • Basic awareness of digital marketing trends
kalyan 26 Jun, 2013 WEB DEVELOPER


84IDEAS is an award winning interactive agency based in Hyderabad. We work on remarkable online campaigns in web, social and mobile specializations. Over the last several years our brilliant team has done outstanding work for brands like Disney, Kalamandir, Southscope, Westin and many more.


You’re able to work with HTML, CSS and JS blindfolded and up-and-coming new technologies like HTML5 make your heart beat faster. If you also have some PHP, WordPress experience you’ll have fun at 84ideas.

Motivated to join our team and work with us on the next big thing? Send your CV and portfolio to work@84ideas.com


kalyan 24 May, 2013 5 Ways To Increase Restaurant Revenue Through Facebook Marketing

Over the last few years, social media has been playing a big role in driving customers to restaurants. Customers started relying more on online reviews and peer reviews more than ever. This is how we ensured that one of our clients always stayed on top of the customers mind.

Build an online content hub

When somebody discovers you page/website through google or social means, they will expect to learn more about your place. Make good use of this opportunity. We used facebook as the central repository for all the content. The content was mix of photos, videos and other related information. This content has reached about 2.72 million online viewers over the last one year.



Make your content lovable 

Sharing is the new currency. Over the last one year, we had about 97000 stories created by people engaging with the brand. They loved the content so much that they shared it in their networks.


Target the right demographic 

In our case we were targeting user in the group 18-34. So, we ensured that the content was appealing to them.


Don’t just buy views 

Facebook ads is a great way to amplify your message. But don’t just rely on it. Keep a healthy balance of organic and paid reach. Also keep a tab on the days that work best for you.


Finally, Keep things real 

Be real, talk to your customers. Ask for feedback. Respond to their queries. Show them that you care.

Few References : 

  1. If you want some tips on the basics, refer to this awesome post by arundell http://blog.mannixmarketing.com/facebook-tips-for-restaurants/
  2. Here are some inputs from Mashable to help you think in the right mindset. http://mashable.com/2011/08/29/facebook-marketing-restaurants/
  3. Examples of a few restaurants doing it right. http://sproutsocial.com/insights/2011/12/restaurants-using-facebook/

Finally, this is the link to our client page : https://www.facebook.com/Ohris

You can generate more revenues by creating a great online presence. Practice consistency and post post regularity. If you need any help, feel free to get in touch with me. You can reach me on kalyan@84ideas.com